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What We Really Do

Afrigate Forensic Consults and Training (a.k.a. FACT) is a limited liability company (LLC) registered in Nigeria to support national and global corporate organizations, institutions, individuals, and systems to achieve their mandate through the analysis, reporting, training, development, and deployment of technologies, tools, solutions, skills, and resources for innovative responses to the ever-changing world of work, professional growth, ethics, and values.

Our Mission

To provide the requisite corporate and individualized environment of the world of work for socio-economic development through...

Our Vision

To be the dynamic world-class one-stop-shop for corporate and individualized professional services with a team of a highly motivated...

Our Values

Our business operations are guided by the core values of integrity, professionalism, teamwork, and care for the satisfaction of our clients.


Afrigate is a leader in helping organizations manage and reduce vulnerabilities that ensue from fraud and other business-operational threats. We help our clients to predict, detect and respond quickly and confidently in moments of crisis and disputes through the advisory competencies of our professionals with a diverse, wide, and varied range of proficiencies comprising forensic, legal, law enforcement and business intelligence specialists and experts.

Afrigate believes that every person or business leader must possess the ability to proactively foresee eventualities before they occur, hence our team demonstrates its commitment and deploys knowledge towards helping clients uncover emerging business threats through the use of market-leading systems and technologies.

Through Afrigate, our attentiveness to detail goes beyond the surface level, meticulously digging into unprecedented areas with a view to gaining appropriate insight into the most obscure occurrences capable of posing threats to our client’s interests. We help our clients to prepare, respond and emerge stronger from current crises by enhancing their ability to learn and improve their systems and operations.

Looking for a First-Class Forensics Firm?

We are highly competent in diverse aspects of forensics.