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AFRIGATE FORENSIC CONSULTS & TRAINING WITH HER PARTNERS ANNOUNCES AN INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP: Theme: International Workshop on Maritime Security, Safety, International Trade, and the Blue The economy in the Gulf of Guinea and Beyond: The Future We Want Key Speakers are Dr. Ian Ralby (USA), Admiral Tim Dakwat (Rtd), Ph.D. (NGA), Commodore Dan Atakpa (NN), and […]

Background/ Concept Note: Basic Social and Human Safety and Security Intelligence Skills & Reporting Training Course

Abstract: Understanding the nuances that social and human environments can constitute is an important consideration that can promote the safety and general wellbeing of people.  INTRODUCTION It is generally held that weakness in security creates increased risk, which in turn creates a decrease in safety, so safety and security are directly proportional, but are both […]

Strategic Stakeholders’ Sensitization Workshop Concept Paper on Cybercrime

Strategic Stakeholders’ Sensitization Workshop Concept Paper on Cybercrime, Global Terrorism & Protection of National Critical Assets In Collaboration With Afrigate Forensic Consults & Training (FACT) Abuja-Nigeria & National Institute of Police Studies (NIPS) Abuja-Nigeria   A BRIEF INTRODUCTION TO THE STRATEGIC STAKEHOLDERS’ SENSITIZATION WORKSHOP ON FEBRUARY 4TH 2022   Afrigate Forensic Consults & Training (FACT) […]

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Have you thought of, seen, or imagined how life has been going on in your community or society? What has worked all this while? Do you want to know or share experiences on how to escalate those strategies that best work for the benefit of more people? Are you genuinely worried about the state of […]

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